Am I Homeless?

Am I homeless?? Technically I’m not homeless, but I’m close to it. I don’t have anywhere permanent to stay. I had to leave my living situation, where I stayed at for a year because I got into it with my dad and he was paying my rent there. Theu didn’t want me to to leave, but they said it was either have no contact with my father or I had to go. My dad takes care of me, so of course I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. I ended up packing ny stuff and moving out a couple of days layer after the incident that occured.

Fast forward my dad knows a lot of people and he was able to find me another place to stay. I met this lady a couple times before, so I knew who she was. She said I could stay there with her and her husband, I thought they was cool people. I have no idea what happned between the husband and wife, but her husband texted my dad and was like come get your daughter. I thought I was safe for awhile. 😑

Now where am I currently sleeping at. I’m currently sleeping in a chair in my fathers bedroom, without my mom knowing. Now why doesn’t my mom know? Me and my mother don’t have a relationship when sje decided that it was ok to throw her kid out at 18 years old on my birthday like a foster child knowing I’m adopted and came from the system. My larents don’t get along, so currently I’m just hiding out in my dads room, sleeping in a chair.

I’m not completely homeless, but I have no idea what’s in store for me at the moment.


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