I Got Kicked Out This Morning 😑

So I  got kicked out this morning. At least it was in the morning and not at night. I truely and honestly feel sorry for rape victims. I understand why they don’t speak up when it happened or is going on. They feel like no one believes them. Well I understand because I’m currently going through it.

I’ve been raped for a lot of years now and I finally spoke up about it a couole of weeks ago. No one believes me or they’re choosing not to believe it because of who it is. They say you can trust your family, but can you really? Well I don’t trust my family because instead of helping me, they say I’m a liar and crazy. They say I need mental help & that I made it up, but I didn’t I’m telling the truth. 

I’m basicallly got kicked out the house because no one wants to hear what I have to say about the rape situation. 


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